25 Pretty Plaid Wintertime Outfit Ideas – Polyvore Outfits for Winter

Latest outfit ideas for winter Now here’s a trend that makes perfect sense for winter. Plaid is awesome because it’s the kind of print that looks fantastic on an old plaid shirt, a semi-formal dress or even a fine tailored winter coat.

Whether you’ve worn plaid before or not, we’re confident that one (or more) of these looks will certainly catch your eye. And embrace your flair for wintertime fashion.

1. Turtleneck, jeans and a plaid purse

Turtleneck, jeans and a plaid purse

Do you honestly need a little help easing into plaid? If so, we get it. That’s why we started this all off with a solid turtleneck and pair of jeans and a plaid purse. Yep, plaid also is a great print for accessories too…as you can so easily see.

2. Plaid shirt, knit cardigan and flats

Plaid shirt, knit cardigan and flats

Do you love to lounge around in one of your dad’s, your brothers or even better, your boyfriend’s plaid shirts? They really are comfortable, right? You can make the shirt “step out of the house a…

A look at the 5 most popular Vday jewels

Posted By: Helena Krodel
Timur Emek/ Getty Images

Gifts of jewelry might sound cliché, but according to a recent survey, 54 percent of women asked said they would break up with their partner if they didn’t receive anything for Valentine’s Day!  In fact, $4.1 Billion dollars is spent on Valentine’s Day each year. We asked the experts at TrueFacet, an online fine jewelry and watch marketplace, which were 5 of their top selling baubles.

Cartier Love Bracelets
This arm jewel has a beautiful and enriching story. The Love Bracelet was first launched in 1969 by designer Aldo Cipullo. The Cartier designer was said to have a fascination with the tale of medieval warriors who locked up their wives using metal chastity belts meant to prove their loyalty while the warrior was traveling. The design of the bracelet comes in two equal halves, accompanied by a screwdriver to lock it around your loved one’s wrist. It is usually presented to show unconditional love.

Tiffany & Co. Knot Ring
A Tiffany & Co. knot ring is the perfect way to tie the knot to your loved one in a sweet and subtle way. This iconic sterling silver knot ring with a touch of 18 karat yellow gold is symbolic, sentimental yet affordable at under $350.

Chanel Fashion Earrings
Nothing makes fashion lovers smile wider than the double C’s of infamous fashion house Chanel. Statement on the ear, earrings have made their fashionable foray back into style. These are just one of the dozens of pairs of really good-looking Chanel earrings on the site from which to choose.

David Yurman Cable bracelet
The wrist stack can always use an update.  No better brand or bracelet to perk up her arm candy than with a David Yurman classic cable bracelet complete with 18 karat gold dome tips and nearly a half carat of diamonds for a touch of sparkle. 
Diamonds always make a girl giggle, period. Because there are over 30,000 items on our site, shoppers can delight in all of the choices.  After all, diamonds are forever but paying for them doesn’t have to be. 
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